Iron Edge power bands

Power bands are a particularly useful tool for martial artists. Being relatively cheap, easy to store and transport, they allow you to do resistance training at home, while travelling or at the dojo, without needing any weights.


They are also great for stretching and post-injury rehabilitation work, and can be used in conjunction with weights for increasing resistance through a lift.

Iron Edge Power Bands are constructed using unique ‘latex layer technology’, meaning that each band is made by laying latex around and around and allowing it to cure together, ensuring maximum durability.

The Power Bands come in a variety of lengths and sizes to cater for varying levels of strength, as well as different uses, and can be purchased individually, in pairs or in a range of multi-packs. The Power Band Starter Pack includes four of the smaller bands and two handles (allowing the bands to be used like a cable machine), a utility strap for attachment and an instructional DVD.

Price: From $28 per pair (12-inch) or $27 each (48-inch) — Starter Pack (12-inch bands) $155

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