Rishinkan Jujutsu - Defence against a lapel grab & punch

If you’ve ever witnessed a playground fight, a scuffle on the sporting field or an argument that gets out of hand, you will probably have seen the lapel grab.

Rishinkan Jujutsu - Kevin Walsh - Defence against a lapel grab & punch
Rishinkan Jujutsu - Defence against a lapel grab & punch

It’s often the go-to way to threaten when the bully can’t or doesn’t want to go any further — but when he does, it becomes a dangerous set-up technique designed to disrupt balance, psychologically intimidate and pull you into range for a fight-finishing punch to the face.


Kevin, in your martial arts journey, what is the most important lesson you’ve learned that students and Blitz readers would most benefit from knowing sooner rather than later?

The wall — everyone hits it, and many quit. Everyone goes through many stages during their martial art career, but none are as character-building or devastating as ‘the wall’. It will either make you a better martial artist, or you will quit.

Everyone will encounter at least one of the many walls; here are a few:

  • You are not good enough. No matter how hard you train, some techniques seem impossible to achieve.
  • It’s boring. You just keep repeating the same things.
  • You know it all. There is nothing else to learn.

The wall is basically a problem that you cannot resolve; there is no easy answer or quick fix. It becomes a negative, nagging thought that persists. It is not possible to get over, around or under the wall. You have to do the hard work and take the wall down brick by brick. You must persevere; there are no short cuts. The only consolation is that you are on the same path as everyone that has gone before you, including your instructor and their instructor.

The danger times are in the first three months, at senior student grades (e.g. Blue-belt) and Black-belt. To get past the wall, you need to dig deep and trust that your instructor is guiding you in the right direction.

Quitting is easy!

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